Are you a coach, consultant, or creative who's been pushing yourself to fill bigger rooms
and Programs, but at a cost?
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What if you could earn thousands of dollars in a single weekend, create a profound impact and never put more than 15 people in a room?
Enter the power of your transformational small retreat.
Your small retreat strategy will:
  •  Book six figures of revenue in a weekend, without the hustle of putting ‘butts in seats,’ or the expense of a big event. 
  • Give you the confidence and peace of mind of knowing you are deeply serving your clients. 
  •  Simplify your marketing and give you power over your cash flow. 
  • Allow you to work with who you want, when where and how you want, creating your own economy!  
  •  Empower you to travel where you choose as a business expense! 
  •  Know that you are making the difference you are on here to make as you live and spread transformation in alignment with your Truth. 
In my free RETREAT REVENUE ROADMAP you will learn: 
  • The #1 strategy that has helped my heart-centered clients go from practically giving away their services,     information, and spiritual gifts, to earning a solid six-figure living while using their business to fund their dreams.
  •  The 3 types of small retreats and which to use when, in alignment with YOU and what you’re creating (a.k.a the 3 Ways To Get Paid!) 
  •  The 5-step decision process for setting your money-making retreat in motion! 
  •  Why your intuitive, “soft,” skills are the most valuable thing you possess as we solve the problems of our future, and how to charge for them. 
What people are saying...

I feel absolutely ready to host my first retreat...I’ve been thinking of hosting an event for some time, but didn’t know where to begin!Since taking the Retreat and Grow Rich™ virtual course, I’ve completed my retreat layout and structure, defined what willmake my offering different (my Clarity Point™), and am feeling absolutely ready to host my first retreat!Because I’m clear on the transformation I’ll create, I already have 16 people signed upon the advance notice list, and I just signed my first hotel contract. New business I come!

Lisa Braithwaite
Mary Jaench

I joined the Retreat and Grow Rich™ Virtual Course because I was preparing for my first big 2 ½ day retreat. I didn’t know how to layout the content, how to plan the event itself, or sell it. Darla’s program is so easy to understand and teaches in such a matter-of-fact way that I was easily able to lay out my content and determine my pricing, as well as prepare logistically for the event. So far, thanks to Darla and her Retreat and Grow Rich program, I’ve created over $20,000 in sales at my retreats! And as nervous as I was planning it out, thanks to the training, leading retreats is actually easy and enjoyable and I now have several more planned!

Kelly Robbins
Mary Jaench

This was the piece of the puzzle I needed! I have a passion for transformational coaching and yet I hadn't found the solution to creating income in a way that didn’t involve constantly hustling for new clients. Darla’s retreat model was exactly what I was looking for! Her program provides the detailed framework that I needed to be able to create a business that is fun, easeful and prosperous. Here I could take the ideas that were inside my head and put them into the retreat format. And the insight from being in the room with other like-minded coaches increased my confidence in the value of my offering. Practicing parts of my presentation in front of the room helped me craft a powerful story that connects me with my audience in a way that builds credibility and trust, which is essential! RAGR Live was powerful experience! My vision of how to create a six-figure income coaching business (without killing myself) is finally crystal clear.

Jodi Pirlot
Mary Jaench

I chose to work with Darla because of her unique ability to help me see, understand, trust and follow my unique truth. I lost my way and failed – because in part, I wandered far from my personal truth. The Universe was kind enough to send me Darla as my guide back to my unique gifts. She helped me better understand where some of my fears and concerns live, so that I can let them go on the path to greater courage and confidence in myself. Looking back, I can’t believe how far I have come in believing in myself and articulating a vision for my business that resonates so strongly with my gifts, passions and belief in why I am here since I began working with Darla.

— Mary Wallace Jaensch, Last Big Gig
Mary Jaench

Before I started working with Darla I was making slow progress and I was becoming increasingly frustrated. Since working with Darla I feel less pressure because I have someone who I can bounce my ideas off before I implement. I also now have the support of Darla as well as a new community of like-minded friends. I would tell anyone who’s considering working with Darla to go for it. There’s no time like the present.

— Sheila Dicks, Women INSTYLE
Mary Jaench
About Darla

Darla LeDoux is a ‘recovering engineer’ who was called to the world of coaching and transformation through what she now knows to be divine guidance. She resisted the calling for years, afraid of what people would think, until death and divorce forced her hand. 

After initially playing the online guru + big event game, she again found the strength to go against the grain, offering her work primarily through small and deeply transformative retreats. Darla believes that intimate retreats have the power to heal and transform beyond 1-to-1 work or information alone, and are precisely what’s needed in the world today. She’s on a mission to make it easier for intuitive entrepreneurs to make money through retreats, and claim their place in the global awakening.
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