Have you ever dreamed…
…of leading rooms of people in breakthrough transformational experiences, sharing your knowledge, and leveraging your time in a way that makes a lasting impact?
If you’re a heart-centered entrepreneur whose work helps your clients to make major shifts, and you are ready to reach more people and earn more money with your gifts, all while simplifying your business, you’re in the right place!
Welcome to Retreat and Grow Rich Essentials LIVE!
I’m Darla LeDoux, founder of Aligned Entrepreneurs and author of Retreat and Grow Rich: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Powerful, Profitable Retreats! 

I built a multiple six-figure coaching business in just two years using one key strategy - transformational small retreats. And you can too! 
Darla LeDoux
Even though I learned all the different strategies for building a business in personal development, and tried many of them, the place I found my home was in front of the room. Leading retreats was absolutely THE most fun thing I was doing in my business, and the most effective. My clients literally looked different when they left the room, and after a few retreats I was consistently generating six-figures in client contracts each time.
There is no approach that addresses the heart of what a passionate and intuitive coach, teacher, healer, or mentor is looking for as well as the retreat approach.
As a Retreat and Grow Rich Retreat Leader, you’ll experience:
  • Simplifying your business with a business model that allows you to know exactly what to market when to generate multiple six figures and beyond. No more wondering what to do first! No more confusing potential clients about what you do!
  •  Leveraging your time and energy by working with groups of clients.
  •  Ease in offering premium programs because your retreat participants totally get what you do and love it! (And know they need it). 
  •  Fun in building a community of clients in a way that’s authentic and joyful for you, sharing the ideas and activities you love the most!
  •  Deepening and expanding your body of work as you master the tools and teachings that work best with real clients! 
  •  Traveling to exciting places, stay in beautiful venues, and having amazing experiences, all as a business expense
In this 3-day live retreat, you’ll design your multiple six-figure signature retreat (I call it your RICH Retreat) that allows you to tap your intuitive knowing, serve your participants, and be fully yourself in front of the room.
In the Retreat and Grow Rich Essentials Live retreat you will:
  • Make empowered decisions about how to structure your retreat content such that you are free to be fully yourself in front of the room, knowing your retreat plays the perfect role in your service-based business
  •  Understand how your retreat functions as a powerful container of support for your clients, even if you aren’t a perfect leader yet!
  •  Learn how to create a transformational experience for your clients that delivers results every time.
  •  Experience for yourself the power of a retreat and move you past your own blocks and limits, expanding what’s possible for your business and life.
  •  Shift your energy to one that allows for maximum truth, courage, and faith as the leader of your room.
  •  Discover the predictable nature of transformation and increase your mastery of the process, knowing how to identify where each retreat participant is in their cycle at any time.
  •  Step into your true power as a transformational leader, and allow yourself to be witness as the powerful guide you are.
  •  Tune in to the soul the retreat that wants to be born through you right now, and create the map to allow the magic to unfold.
  •  Know how to bring the right people into the room to fuel the business that you love!
Your 3-day retreat includes the full experience and
some of your meals during the three days.
(Travel expenses not included). 
Your registration is just $1997
(Payment plan available)
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